Mignonnette Talks... with Jewellery & Eyewear Designer Sandra Battistel

Mignonnette Talks... with Jewellery & Eyewear Designer Sandra Battistel

"Exploring the woman's gaze... women painters for instance didn't really exist if we go back a very long time. The realisation that women see the world, and other women, in a very different way compared to men - who were the gatekeepers to art... Art was created by men for other men to view, and that's how women were represented. Exploring this shift now is fascinating for me..."

Sandra Battistel

Very happy to share this week's video podcast Mignonnette Talks where we explore conscious style and the art of transformation.

For this Talk, our Founder and Creative Director Joon Haque caught up with Jewellery & Eyewear Designer Sandra Battistel.

Sandra has worked with some incredible brands including Vivienne Westwood, Chloe, Halston and Victoria Beckham. She has a meticulous eye for detail, but the key to her success is her ability to balance her creative vision with a true understanding of what drives commercial success.

They discuss:

- how balancing creativity with the commercial in all art forms lies in having empathy and creating a meaningful connection with people

- her design inspirations from the art world and looking at the female gaze - how women perceive other women

- how sustainability is now viewed by the fashion industry, the wariness of greenwashing and focus instead on trial and error in the journey to real meaningful change.

Grab a cup of tea, and either watch or listen to the Talk below. 

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