Mignonnette Talks with... Sustainable Fashion Expert Nicole Obidowski

Mignonnette Talks with... Sustainable Fashion Expert Nicole Obidowski

"Because of this disposable view of clothing, we've lost the connection and responsibility that we used to feel over our clothing. We used to know how to mend our clothing so we could carry on using them, or have them tailored so they fit us better as our bodies change. I think a lot of people are starting to tap back into that which is really helpful." - Nicole Obidowski

Happy to share this week's video podcast Mignonnette Talks where we explore conscious style and the art of transformation.

In this episode, our Founder and Creative Director Joon Haque caught up with sustainable fashion expert Nicole Obidowski, who is one of our own consultants at Mignonnette London.

Founder of N.O. Development - a sustainable fashion brand consultancy. Nicole has experience across the industry - from luxury, contemporary and the high-street. Her work now focuses purely on fashion brands who want to make a positive impact on the world.

They discuss:

- how we are all - brands and consumers alike - part of the solution to a more sustainable future

- the misconceptions around "greenwashing" - looking at mega brands and smaller independents

- what we can all do to be more conscious about the choices we make when it comes to our clothing.

Do get your cup of tea and either watch or listen below. 



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