Death to fast fashion

Death to fast fashion

A ticking time bomb, destined to explode. Are we over it now? We really hope so.

The idea of scrappy t-shirts made for less than a bowl of rice - before ending up in landfill - hurts to even think through the life stages of the poor thing. It’s insanity it was ever seen as ok and we’re pleased the fashion industry is finally being forced to be more conscious and held accountable for the way it operates.

We’re still a long way off from utopia, and our company certainly doesn’t have all the answers, but we believe the more we all speak up, ask the right questions and nudge everyone we work with, there will be a ripple effect over all industries. Change does not happen over night, but a constant effort will one day help that bomb on its way.

We’ve never been ones for fads and replenishing wardrobes every season. We are collectors of treasures, wearable heirlooms, veritable pieces of art formed from silk and lace. Beautiful creations to be adored before being passed on to the generation after.

This is at the heart of everything we make to order in our London atelier - clothes to last a lifetime. Slow fashion. The materials are chosen to last, we try to choose suppliers close to home to not incur huge air miles, and we celebrate British manufacturing. Some of the suppliers we source from are the last standing mills in the UK, which means true craftsmanship born from generations of knowledge.

We are in awe when we consider the skill, precision and passion that has gone into some of these materials. And what an honour to then work with these precious things in creating dream dresses for you to enjoy for years to come.

But we want to check something with you:

We think waiting a few weeks for a dream dress to be made after ordering it is a small trade off in the grand scheme of things.

But how do you feel about this? Do you agree? How long is too long?

Do you think there’s more we can be doing to create a more positive attitude towards fashion and clothing?

Let us know.

For now, we’re going to leave you with a quote from one of our heroines Dame Vivienne Westwood, “Buy less, choose well, make it last.”

With love

The Mignonnettes

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