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Our clothing is designed to unleash the enchantress within.

We want to build a more beautiful world where we can all be our very best selves.

Hence, we celebrate the magical art of adornment - creating clothes to make you feel potent, before you step out to conjure all that your rebel heart desires.

Our Heritage

Mignonnette London was founded by Creative Director, Joon Haque Rajkovic.

Born in Surrey, England, mastering the art of story and dress up have been lifelong obsessions through her personal and professional journeys.

Her fascination with making clothes stemmed from primary school years, repurposing her mother’s saris and sibling cast offs into fantastical creations inspired by ballet, the Golden Age of Hollywood, Cicely Mary Barker, Princess Mombi and Debbie Harry (amongst others).

Her aesthetic was shaped further through years researching fashion and couture history, curating legendary music and performance art events in London, alongside 20 years experience in building some of the world’s most iconic brands across luxury and lifestyle. And of course, living in the creative vanguard of London, as well as Shanghai and the fairytale forest lands of Sweden.

In all of these diverse arenas, witnessing how the power of story and dress up can enable women to transform was formidable - allowing women from all walks of life to influence every single person in one room, or captivate millions of minds across the globe.

If such alchemy can be delivered, woven into a special piece of clothing, it would be a crime not to share it. Hence the reason for being for Mignonnette London.


Our previous incarnation

Mignonnette London first launched in 2010 with decadent lingerie and corset dresses, soon coveted by some of the most fabulously-dressed women in the world.

After a little hiatus (truth be told: a baby break), and prompted by the new world emerging from the dust of the pandemic, the brand recently relaunched with a focus on timeless goddess dresses.

The challenge was to create exquisite dresses that would work for all the different parts of our new lives, be kind to our changing bodies, ultimately last forever, and bring out our very best every single time we put them on.

All of this has culminated in the Mignonnette London signature style - darkly romantic, empowering, forever-ever finery for women with rebel hearts.

Our Clothing

Intrinsic to everything we create, is that as soon as a piece is slipped on, it brings out your most enchanting self - through accentuating your best assets (and veiling those you would prefer remained veiled).

Each of our garments is made to enhance the body’s contours and is universally flattering. The styles we champion allow for how your body measurements may change slightly over time (the true secret for clothes to be loved a lifetime).

Each piece can be dressed up or down, worn everywhere (from floating round the house, to sauntering around the finest establishments). We take inspiration from vintage silhouettes, but always design for the woman of today.

Each of our dresses is created to be the one in your wardrobe you will always feel incredible in - no matter what life throws your way*. Always and forever after.

*within reason


Our collections

We don’t do seasonal collections that will quickly go out of style - we make timeless wardrobe treasures to be worn for years to come.

Each collection tells a spellbound tale - of goddess queens, mythical nymphs and general delicious witchery.

Harnessing the power of dress up, together with a little imagination, we believe you can be any divine creature you desire to be. More importantly, you can then shape a world where anything is possible (almost).

Thus is the potency of a fantabulous frock, no? 

Our Production

We celebrate an old-world love for true luxury and elegant craftsmanship, creating wearable forever-ever pieces to be worn and enjoyed for a lifetime - before being passed on to the generation after.

We advocate slow fashion, made in England, that is sustainable, conscious and fair to all involved.

Working with an exceptional design team, each garment is designed, produced and hand-finished with meticulous attention to detail in the London atelier. We champion the heritage of expert garment knowledge while supporting local trade (and limiting air miles). We also offer a bespoke service from our atelier.

Our fabrics look and feel exquisite: sensuous silk, floaty georgette, whispery lace, plush velvets, intricate embroidery, fine cotton lawn.

We source materials from many traditional British and European suppliers who have passed down their family craft through generations - while embracing the vast possibilities of modern innovation.

So dear friends old and new, we believe that within our collections, you will find your true forever-and-ever-after dress.

Our Philosophy

Being unapologetic bohemian queens, we love beauty in all its forms, which means we also want to leave the world a better place than when we arrived.

We take the greatest effort to make the most sustainable and ethical choices in our manufacturing and in every supplier and partner we collaborate with.

We champion a return to slow fashion. The materials and components we use are designed to last. And we only produce to order to ensure we have zero wastage (with the exception of small limited run collections).

On top of this, we have two main initiatives - the Mignonnette Beautiful World Fund and Mignonnette Reimagined. More below.

Mignonnette Beautiful World Fund

5% of our proceeds goes straight into our Mignonnette Beautiful World Fund - which is split between causes we are passionate about and share our vision of building a more beautiful world.

We believe when you wear our clothes, they will empower both you and those who need support across the globe too. Let’s spread the kindness.


The current main charities we support are: 

The Prince's Trust - which gives young people across the UK the opportunity to create a better future through employment, education and enterprise.

UN WOMEN - the UN organisation dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls across the globe to reach their full potential.

We know wearing a pretty dress won’t change the world, but we have hope that, one day, enough kindness will. 

Mignonnette Reimagined

We believe in a circular future - where the beautiful treasures we create are used, re-used and re-fashioned. Here's what this means for you:

The buy-back

If you would like to update your existing Mignonnette London clothing, we will buy it back from you. You can then use your credits towards a new item from our store. 

Garments will be carefully restored by our London atelier, before being available in pre-loved collections in the future.

Get in touch to discuss a product appraisal.

Repairs and alterations

We know over the years, wear and tear can happen, but often clothes can be loved longer with a cunning fix. 

Our repair team will endeavour to mend any of your Mignonnette London garments. We will try and source original fabrics and trims, though where this is not possible, we will discuss alternative customisations with you.

Contact us for a quote.

Let’s create a more beautiful world together.