Mignonnette Tea Talks with Actress, Dancer & Model Jerry-Jane Pears

Mignonnette Tea Talks with Actress, Dancer & Model Jerry-Jane Pears

Welcome to the Mignonnette Tea Talks, where we speak to wonderful women who inspire us and explore what it means to be a modern day enchantress.


Today’s guest is the stunning Jerry-Jane Pears – British actress, dancer and model. Scouted as a teenager, she has gone on to work with countless brands and artists (from Dolce & Gabbana to Ariana Grande), as well as appearing in TV shows (including HBO’s The Vikings and Netflix’s The Royals). She also has a degree and diploma in Theatre and Dance.


Reminiscent of a contemporary Brigitte Bardot or Marilyn Monroe, Jerry-Jane is a beautiful shapeshifter on both screen and stage, so we have much to learn from her on the powers of enchantment and transforming the world around us...


Mignonnette London Tea Talks Actress Jerry Jane Pears



Jerry-Jane, did you always want to be a performer?

When I was little, I was in love with space and philosophy. With performing, that’s where I felt most free and whole, even dancing in my room and watching old films. I knew I had to follow that.


You work across theatre, dance and modelling – which all require different types of performance – is there one that appeals more to you?

Creating and connecting with people is the best part of them all. I love delving into different ideas and writing. The whole process of bringing a vision to life is exciting. Studying the meaning, relatability and finding connection. Dancing feels sort of otherworldly in energy too. When I was growing up, my dad always said “Variety is the spice of life” and I try to remember that with work.


Mignonnette London Tea Talks Actress Jerry Jane Pears



You have worked on some incredible projects – can you tell us about some of your favourites?

Vikings (HBO) was a dream. I’d been a huge fan of the series so I felt in awe every moment. The cast and crew were wonderful and the sets were surreal.


Mignonnette London Tea Talks Actress Jerry Jane Pears Vikings


Dad’s Army: The Lost Episodes, was memorable. I adore comedy and to get to act alongside the brilliant Kevin McNally and Robert Bathurst in front of a live studio audience was special. 

Filming Boogie Man was the happiest time too. Everything was 70’s with fabulous costumes and hair. I had just travelled to India so it meant a lot to do that film. Kush Khanna and I have matching tattoos of ‘Boogie Kids’ in Hindi writing, as a reminder to stay young at heart and to keep dancing. I saw Shobu Kapoor the other day for a read through and she’s an angel. Each job offers something that feels meaningful at the time and afterwards. 

Dancing for Ariana Grande was also amazing, her singing was sensational and she’s really sweet. 

The entire process of them all is like a fantasy and it’s daunting too, but you become like family with people, and then you come back down to earth at the end and it feels strange. I always wish I could stay.


Mignonnette London Tea Talks Actress Jerry Jane Pears


What would be a dream project for you?

The White Lotus is captivating. I love all of Mike White’s work, he would be a dream to work with. I’d love to play a role that challenges me and that I can grow with over a long time. Ah Euphoria too, the acting, direction, soundtrack...  everything is perfect. 


With Mignonnette London, deeply embedded in the core of our brand, is that when you put our clothes on, they bring our your inner enchantress, you transform into the best version or versions of yourself. It goes right through our design process as a way of telling stories.

When you’re acting, you’re very literally transforming into a different character, but when you’re modelling or dancing, you still have to present just a certain part of yourself. How do you prepare for these different guises?

I enjoy researching and practising anything I can to feel closer to the role or script. The costumes really bring it all to life and help to embody the character. The effort and time that goes into making costumes and sets - the profound effect they have - is beautiful. Music and movement create that spark too. I like to repeat it until I know I can do it in my sleep. Working under pressure is great too because there’s no time to think, you have to go with what instinctively feels right.


Mignonnette London Tea Talks Actress Jerry Jane Pears


Do you ever carry elements of some of your characters into real life?

I feel there’s something to learn from it all. The elements I admire I try to hold with me, like a character's mindset and the experience in general. The feeling of being on set or stage is incomparable, and right from the audition, it becomes a part of your life for that time and sort of takes over your being. There can be preconceived ideas of the box we fit into and sometimes a role is so different that it offers freedom. I’m very introverted but a lot of the characters I’ve played are not, so it’s nice to take on that energy and live a life that’s not like my own 


Do you think through transforming into these different characters, there are parts of yourself that have changed over time?

I often feel transformed in some way. When there are challenges and fears to overcome it adds a layer of what we as humans are capable of. I’ve learned more resilience and patience, and to enjoy the journey as much as the outcome. 


Mignonnette London Tea Talks Actress Jerry Jane Pears



Performing in any capacity requires an incredible amount of confidence and self-awareness. Did you always have those, or did you have to learn those skills?

I'm still learning how to be confident. I think acting happy can in turn make you feel happy and maybe the same is true of confidence. I love to sit out in nature and read, meditate, dance. And having a support system where you can be yourself creates safety and to feel at peace is everything. I’m fascinated by astrology too and I love studying that. My go-to for joy is cake or pasta, preferably both. 


Do you have tips for people to feel more confident and self-aware in their daily lives?

When people follow what makes them happy I think it creates a sense of comfort and fulfilment within. I love listening to people talk about what they love, their faces light up, they’re inspired. It’s nice to see and feel, and it can help with confidence I think. We are all so used to our own life, skills, mind, outer layer, we can forget how to see things with a different lens, but everyone is unique and has something to offer the world.


Mignonnette London Tea Talks Actress Jerry Jane Pears



Obviously, you’re a naturally blessed beauty, but are there any beauty tips you swear by?

Ah thank you! Tumeric, ground coffee and honey as a face mask, it’s sticky but the skin feels so soft afterwards. The Australian Pink Clay mask is lovely too, and the Ultra-Calming serum from Dermalogica feels like silk. I never sleep with make up on or wear it much on days off. Sometimes I’ll use Vaseline on my skin, and any lip balm that tastes of fruit or chocolate - I’m sold. 


What do you love to wear when dressing up and also just relaxing?

Long dresses are lovely and comfortable to wear, I always feel great in them. When relaxing, I love fluffy socks!


What does style mean to you?

Being comfortable in an outfit, embracing an item or colour because it makes you feel good. It’s nice to flow with whatever you’re drawn to. There’s no right or wrong, you’ve painted on a blank canvas and what matters is that you like the result. I adore vintage clothes and different colours and patterns.


What’s your favourite Mignonnette dress?

The Mignonnette dresses are all so unique and such beautiful quality. I'm wearing the Queen of the Fae right now. It’s very elegant and really stands out. You can see the thought gone into it, from the beautiful waist tie to the neckline, shoulder pads, cut out arms and pretty buttons at the wrist. I love the colour, it glistens different tones of purple in the light. The material is delicate on the skin, it feels feminine. It can be dressed up or down and it floats beautifully in the wind too. I love it!

Thank you for the lovely Tea Time chat, it’s been a pleasure!


Mignonnette London Tea Talks Actress Jerry Jane Pears - Queen of the Fae dress


Jerry-Jane is wearing the Queen of the Fae Slashed Sleeve Wrap Dress in Burgundy Wine Silk


All Profile photos in Mignonnette London: By Pip


You can discover more about Jerry-Jane and her work at:

@jerryjanepears / jerryjanepears.com



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