Mignonnette Tea Talks with Personal Stylist Jess Colivet

Mignonnette Tea Talks with Personal Stylist Jess Colivet

Welcome to the Mignonnette Tea Talks, where we speak to wonderful women who inspire us and explore what it means to be a modern day enchantress. 


Today’s guest is the wonderful Jess Colivet - stylist from the London College of Style and personal shopper, based in County Kildare Ireland.

A mum of five, she is always impeccably – and seemingly effortlessly - dressed in defined shapes, bold colours with beautiful details. Being the epitome of chic, Jess is the perfect woman to teach us how to tease out that inner enchantress through our style.


Mignonnette London Tea Talk with Jess Colivet


Jess, can you tell us how you got started in your styling career?

Fashion and interiors have always captivated me, with my beautiful mum serving as my ultimate style inspiration.  From my experiences in both Boston and London, I developed a genuine passion for fashion and realised its profound ability to shape perceptions.

As a devoted mother of five, I have triumphed over Breast Cancer, a challenging chapter in my life that ultimately became a catalyst for change.  Following my recovery, I embraced the notion of seizing every moment and recognised it as my time to shine.

In 2020, I pursued further education at Trinity College, immersing myself in the realms of innovation and entrepreneurship.  Building upon this foundation, I later embarked on a journey at the London College of Style, which instilled in me the confidence to pursue fashion as a business venture, and start working as a Personal Stylist.


You were trained at the London College of Style – can you tell us a bit about the areas you covered?

My experience at the London College of Style was an absolute delight.  During my training, I acquired invaluable skills to provide a flawless and tailored client experience.  This encompassed various aspects such as conducting personal style assessments, analysing body shapes, exploring individual style personalities, executing wardrobe edits, and facilitating both in person and online personal shopping.

Equipped with the necessary tools and expertise, I now deliver a professional and exceptional personal styling service.

It was a magnificent course and covered all areas of working in the fashion industry.

 Mignonnette London Tea Talk with Jess Colivet - Kildare Village - Missoni



You’ve worked with some wonderful people, from beautiful brands to department stores, Fashion Weeks to private clients – can you tell us about some of your favourites?

As a freelance Personal Stylist based in Kildare Village, a sister location of Bicester Village, I am privileged to work in a setting adorned with stunning and luxurious Personal Shopping Suites. Our clients are treated to exceptional experiences, including appointments at The Apartment - a haven of style and elegance. 

I’ve had the incredible opportunity to be part of London Fashion Week, collaborating with some of the finest professionals in the UK fashion Industry, working alongside esteemed producers, award-winning makeup artists, and skilled hairdressers has been a true honour.  Serving as head dresser for Paul Costelloe, I witnessed first-hand the excitement and exhilaration of the last-minute preparations and final touches in his showroom.  From model casting to curating captivating looks, the entire process was electrifying.

Another unforgettable experience was being part of the Richard Quinn show, a designer whose creations ignite my passion.  The production was nothing short of extraordinary, featuring an orchestra, breath-taking floral displays, meeting queen of fashion Anna Wintour,  it was a sensory overload of inspiration.  I also had the privilege of working with Rixo during LFW 2021 which took place at the remarkable Barbican Centre.

I had the privilege of immersing myself in the world of exquisite cashmere at the prestigious home of Johnstons of Elgin.  This renowned luxury brand has upheld a 200 year tradition of crafting the most magnificent cashmere, and being able to witness this process was truly awe-inspiring.  The experience was nothing short of incredible.

Adding to my accomplishments, I hosted an exclusive event for Tory Burch, providing a preview of their new collection to a captivated audience.  Additionally, I proudly serve as an ambassador for AYU, a remarkable Irish makeup brand that is destined for global recognition. 


Mignonnette London Tea Talk with Jess Colivet - Richard Quinn


At the heart of the Mignonnette London brand, is the intention that when you put our clothes on, they bring our your inner enchantress - you transform - into that best version of yourself. When you’re styling people, do you feel there is a similar process happening?

My mission is to inspire both women and men to embrace their full potential and exude confidence through their personal style.  Fashion serves as a remarkable tool for self-expression and empowerment.

Those who have crossed paths with me or worked alongside me know that my guiding principle revolves around fostering confidence and happiness.  I believe that this philosophy holds the power to transform both your business and your personal life.  It all begins with something as simple yet impactful as how you dress and present yourself to the world.

Approaching each appointment with an open mind, my ultimate goal is to dress you in a way that evokes your utmost confidence and brings out your best self.  I curate pieces that not only enhance your style but also prove to be versatile assets in your wardrobe, cherished for years to come.  Your clothes should be a source of joy, elevating your spirits and reflecting your unique personality.


Are there certain garments or secret style tips you would always recommend to help someone transform into a more wonderful version of themselves?

Discovering your personal style and incorporating it into your wardrobe can have a profound impact on how you feel.  By selecting only the items that you truly love, you begin to align your fashion choices with what suits you best.  Introducing colours that complement your complexion and uplift your overall look can greatly enhance your confidence.

And don’t forget to walk tall and smile!

 Mignonnette London Tea Talk with Jess Colivet - Paul Costelloe


If someone isn’t feeling their best, or they want to bring out a certain quality or exude a particular mood – what would you advise they should look for in their style choices?

I think colour plays a huge part, choosing colours that resonate with the desired mood.  Bright, vibrant colours can bring energy and positivity, while softer, muted tones can create a calming effect. If they want to feel confident and empowered, they should choose bold empowering shades like red or blue.

Taking into consideration silhouettes, different styles can evoke different moods.  For instance, if you want to exude elegance and sophistication, opt for a more tailored or structured piece.  If you are aiming for a relaxed carefree vibe, flowy and loose-fitting pieces might be more suitable.

Don’t forget to play with accessories.  They play a huge role in expressing our mood.  Adding statement jewellery, a bold earring, a scarf or hat help complete the look .

Mix and match different pieces and experiment with different combinations until you find a style that’s really you.


Through styling other people, has your own style changed over time?

My own personal style can be described as an elegant blend of chic and edgy elements.  I find great joy in the way clothing enhances our appearance and boosts our confidence.  As I continue to explore the fashion landscape, I am excited to collaborate with new beloved brands and delve into the world of experimentation.  With each new collection, my style evolves, allowing me to constantly reinvent myself.


Mignonnette London Tea Talk with Jess Colivet


What do you love wearing – both when getting dressed up for an event and for everyday?

When it comes to my go to outfit, a stunning dress takes the spotlight, especially for special events.

Considering the demands of being on my feet all day, I seek out pieces that strike a balance between  elegance, comfort and a touch of edge.  Wide-leg trousers, a crisp shirt, and a well-tailored blazer hold a special place in my heart as they exude sophistication and style.

 Mignonnette London Tea Talk with Jess Colivet - Johnstons of Elgin


What does style mean to you?

For me, style is an inner expression that goes beyond mere appearance.  It serves as a powerful means of communication, allowing you to convey your true self, your unique personality and your perspective on the world.  It speaks volumes about your emotions, and the way you see the world.


Who are some of your personal style icons?

Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Trinny Woodall (so lucky to have done an Instagram live with her)    @trinnywoodhall  


What’s your favourite Mignonnette dress?

Undoubtedly, the Charlotte Sometimes dress steals the show as my ultimate favourite piece, although the selection was tough since all the options are undeniably fabulous.  This dress is the epitome of perfection, crafted from luxurious soft cotton lawn and adorned with exquisite shoulder details and, of course, my beloved bows!  Wearing it made me feel absolutely incredible, ticking off all the boxes I seek in a dress: classic, timeless elegance combined with utmost comfort.


Mignonnette London Tea Talk with Jess Colivet - Charlotte Sometimes wrap dress


Jess is wearing the Charlotte Sometimes High Collar Wrap Dress in black cotton lawn



You can discover more about Jess and her work at:




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