What exactly is a forever-ever dress?

What exactly is a forever-ever dress?

We have been asked this quite a bit of late, so wanted to clarify. The way we see our forever-ever clothing is that at their core, they must be these three things:

1. Timeless. A style that doesn’t date. We are vintage style lovers and covet treasures from yesteryear. We love drama, romance, elegance and pretending we live in an old Charlotte Rampling movie (or the 70s doing a retake of the 30s).

But we are also trailblazing 21st century creatures, and all the demands of today have to work with our clothes - we have to be able to truly live in them. They have to take us from the school run, to work meetings, to lounging at home, to floating around The Wolseley and whatever else happens after. We need a wardrobe that is willing to multi-task and go that extra mile.

Plus, we believe, if you love our style today, we know you will love it in 20 years too. And so will your daughter (or your niece, and all her friends).


2. Exquisite. If anything is going to stand the test of time, it needs to be made from materials meant to last, ones that get even more beautiful as they age. We only want to wear the finest silks, lace, cotton lawn and velvets that feel incredible as we slink around in them. It saddens us to see beautiful clothes in gorgeous cuts and outer fabric, only to discover the lining - the layer closest to your skin - is made from synthetic fibres. Quelle horreur! No, we are not into such sham fronting. For us, it’s as above, so below.

And - of utmost importance - the cut needs to be impeccable. It is the small detailing that makes all the difference: the swoop of a daintily flicked shoulder, the curve of a hem flashing just the right amount of limb, dreamy billowing silk nipped in at the waist to make sure that hourglass doesn't go unnoticed.

Each of our garments is designed, made and hand-finished by our phenomenal design team in our London atelier, so you know your dress was literally brought into this world by expert hands.


3. Ultra-flattering, today, tomorrow and always. Perhaps the most important part of our forever-ever finery is that the styles we favour are adjustable - they will not let you down.

Not after the holiday feast, not after the lockdown has passed, not after the uncertainty of whatever life may throw your way years down the line (within reason).

These dresses will not judge you and make you feel bad with a puckering or gaping that was not there last year, or a zip that just will not happen. Nope. We’ve got your back (and all sides actually). Life happens, things change, we all change. Please dear lord, can our clothes just help us feel graceful and splendid and scrumptious as ever, no matter what?

This base requirement for our forever-ever dresses is what we promise you:

That dress in your wardrobe you will always feel incredible in, year after year, forever and ever after.

We hope you love them as they will love you.

You can check out our forever-ever dresses in our Shop.

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