What is conscious style?

What is conscious style?

One of the things we've really missed from the old days since our rebirth, is how social our little tribe was. We mean actually IRL social - parties, shows, salons and physical get togethers were such a part of shaping our brand and allowed us the chance to get to know you, hear your wishlists and discuss matters close to your heart, while also allowing you the chance to try our wares and connect with other real life beauties who love wearing them.

Obviously the current world situation means we're not able to get back in that groove in the same way. So we've been thinking how we can bring some of that spirit to you at home and we're delighted to announce - as a first step - the launch of Mignonnette Talks, coming soon.

What are they? A series of weekly inspiring tea time talks for you to watch at home (perhaps while having your tea break) where we explore conscious style to build a more beautiful world - as we believe when we transform ourselves, we can transform the world around us.

We'll be chatting with folk who know a thing or two about the power of "dressing up" with intention to create a beautiful life: fashion experts, designers, creatives, business leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists and general change-makers. We'll be discussing all things style, women-led business & leading with intuition, living with purpose & taking better care of our minds, bodies and veritable souls... More info on this soon.


To complement the Talks, we wanted an online place where we can all dive into the topics deeper, share ideas and inspire each other. So we've just created a Facebook group Conscious Style which is open now. Please join our inclusive and friendly community where we can explore conscious style and how can we create a more beautiful world.

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We love dressing like a duchess, but with heart. Being conscious of our actions is the only way the world can move forwards. We want to change the world. Even if it’s just in some small way, a little at a time, we want to make a positive difference. Together, we can make things better - we'd love to do this with you.

Be beautiful. Be kind. Be you at your very best.

With love

The Mignonnettes  

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