A more beautiful world

A more beautiful world

We are driven by a higher purpose to make the world a more beautiful place by inspiring all to be the very best version of themselves.

So how do we do this? Of course the first way has to be through our clothing, designed to make women feel beautiful and invincible - they are veritable goddess gowns if you will. We all know the feeling - when you dress well and buzz with confidence, your energy shifts into another gear and you feel you can accomplish pretty much anything. That’s what our clothing does, which is why we see ourselves as purveyors of the finest magical armaments.

But believing in creating a more beautiful world also means we want to share the good. We’re committed to being as sustainable and ethical as possible in every decision we make as a company. If we can’t afford to do it responsibly, then that means we can’t afford to do it. Simple.

And 10% of all proceeds is given to causes that support people across the globe who need it. We feel the most empowering element of our clothes, is the knowledge that your purchase will empower someone who needs it the most.

We love dressing like a duchess, but with heart. Being conscious of our actions is the only way the world can move forwards. We want to change the world. Even if it’s just in some small way, a little at a time, we want to make a positive difference. Together, we can make things better. Join us.

Be beautiful. Be kind. Be you at your very best.

With love

The Mignonnettes  

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