On being an enchantress

On being an enchantress

Enchantress (noun)


  1. A woman who uses magic to put someone or something under a spell.

  2. A woman who is captivatingly attractive.

  3. (Paranormal) A magician, sorcerer, enchanter, wizard; sometimes called an enchantress, sorceress, or witch if female.

Who wouldn’t want to be all of the above? There are a gazillion names for women, some empowering, many demeaning. We rather like this one for all the possibilities it suggests. We believe we are magic-makers, shapers of our destiny, manifestors of our hearts’ deepest desires. This is actually our true nature - all of us - when we pause to reflect, but in trying times, it’s easy to forget. Sometimes we could all do with a little reminder, to help jog the memory and kick ourselves back into the driving seat, no?

Hence, the reason for being for Mignonnette London. We'd like to help you go forth into this great bright world and get whatever it is you have your mind’s eye on.

'“All this in a dress?” we hear sceptics cry.

Actually, yes. And a mindset. And for all those who have received our gift wrapped boxes of love, they will know that tucked away in the frothy folds of ruby tissue, amongst the magical armaments, there lies the power of transformation - into you at your very best.

And that is why we are very happy to embrace all that being an enchantress may be. Happy magic-making.

With love

The Mignonnettes

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